jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016


Hollydays in summer? No, I don’t think so, my summer is basically work, because I need money, besides, since this year in the university, I can’t work part time, I have seven signatures, I don’t have time for work, and for this reason I don’t have money to travel, maybe when I will be a profesional, I will be able to visit many diferent places.
However, at the beginning of march in the next year, I will going to Pto Natales, to visit my mother and my city, I pretend visit it for two weeks, you can ask me, why go to Pto Natales in this date? The reason is simple, because is low season, my city is a touristic place, then all prices are high, the most of touristic services are design for the foreigner tourist, and in minor proportion, to national tourist. For example the pubs, restaurants, lodging are very expensive, but for the foreigner this doesn’t matter. In the other hand (and it is good) Torres del Paine National Park is cheaper to national tourist almost a 75% more cheap. I go to Pto Natales every two years, so I miss the place, my mom, and obviously the food, I love the patagonian food, curanto with chapalele, milcaos, asado al palo, etc…But sadly, I don’t have more money for spend more time in this place, I whish can do the “W” or the “O” traking circuir in the Torres del Paine national park or visit the ventisqueros, ore ven only go across the patagonian field.

domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2016


I really don´t go to cinema very often, it's expensive, also, not always are movies that I like. I don't like the dramas, or romantic movies, no less the "cine arte" , I like the horror and the action movies, only a little, maybe to see them in my home, but not to buy a ticket. I like the comedy, with actors like Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey or Jack Black, they are very very hilarious. But definitely, my favorites movies are the adventure movies, or fantastic movies, the most of them are sagas, some of them are classic for example: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the future or Jurasic Park, other sagas are most new but equally good, for example Harry Potter, The lord of the Rings (and the hobbit) or Pirates of the Caribbean. So say that I have a favourite director is complex, but maybe could be Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson.

The last film that I saw? mmm, in premiere, was Captain América, civil war, but in general, in my home I saw Fatal Atraction. In the other hand, the best film That I have seen this year, well, I dont have a unique election, cause usually I saw the movies more than once, so, I can see many great films more of one chance on the year, although I supose that I always believe that the Lord of the Ring is the best film.

jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2016


Well, for me it would be great to be able to continue post-graduate studies in archeology, because there are several topics that interest me, for example in Chile, I would like to specialize in Easter Island and Polynesia. On the other hand, I would also like to study about Egypt and other ancient cultures of the biblical period, and who has not been attracted to classical Greek culture? Or to medieval times? Without doubt along my career, I would like to be able to aproach all those areas, and having post-graduate studies in them would be ideal. However, it is not in my plans to continue only studying for eternity, I believe that the continuity of studies can do it along with my working life, because these studies demand a much bigger expense and especially because working in a certain area of ​​archeology already At the same time, to obtain post-graduate studies in this area is a good way to improve the curriculum, and so in the future to be able to obtain better employment possibilities, not to mention that in terms of science, our knowledge must always be Improved and updated, so scientific knowledge progresses.


Well, the job of my dream is archaeologist, cause this reason I am studying archaeology, I think that the best part of this job, is that you dont need use a suit, or live in a routine behind a desk, I hate the office job, I hate thhe idea of work doing the same day after day and be one more of the bunch. Besides, be an archaeologist allow me work on site some times and for this is great to me. About work to the goverment… I don’t have any problema with it, doesn’t matter to me who being my boss, whenever he pay me, I could work in government, in a University or even for a big company I don’t care. I think that the ancient cultures such as biblical cultures are a very insterest field of work, Really the salary forme is not relevan, always that be reasonable, more important to me is have a good experience, get knowledge and become a great sicentis.

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016


The art for me is relevant  only in the archaeological sense. I am not interested in the artist’s emotion, for me is more interesting  the art used as an  interpretative  tool, if example, the rock art as a indicator of world view. But,  why is more interesting the rock art and no for example the conceptual art? Because  conceptual art, is present only in contemporary societies, and represent the individuality of an artist more than the society’s world view. So I am not visit art museums, because  bores me, with exception of pre columbian art museums.

I don’t  have artista skills, but  doesn’t matter, for me is more importan maybe know play chess, or know cook, however, I think that really like me learn to play electric guitar, or learn to sing  (yes, because music is art too). In the other hand,  are “artistic expresions” that I really reject, for example the graffiti, because with the excuse of the neglect, this “artista” do serius damage to architectural and cultural heritage,  for this reasosns the graffiti must be regulate.

An a interest point to analize the art, is the material to do “art”, because the people think the art is only possible in a canvas, but, the reality is that many  ancient cultures such as mapuche, did art with rock, Wood, even with human bones ( flutes for example ). But in this case the discusision is  about its arto or  craftwork. 

martes, 18 de octubre de 2016

Definitely for me, the music is very important, is the mechanism through which I live my life, because, it go whith my diferent moods, for example, when I ' m bored or tired, some of rock or heavy metal, manages to cheer me, or when I was sad or angry, help me to think in other topics. 

For me, the best music is in general rock and heavy metal music, for the reasons that I was explain in the introduction. Now, are many kind of music that dislike me in general form all tropical music, or rap, or the new chilean cumbia, or villera and especially musicians such as Chinoy, Nano Stearn or Manuel "chloroform" Garcia, I dont know, this kind of music is so poor and annoying, and the last three also are very boring. 

When I was a kid, I listened to the radio and record my own tapes whith the radio's music, praying that the speaker did not speak in the midst of recording. Later when I had my first PC, I started to burn my own CD's and after, to use my own portable devices such as CD players, mini disc players, or mp3 players, and whith the Internet, I started to download music from internet and this form hear it in the cellphone.

For me, there no a special song, its relative, can be possible that like me an album, a band, or maybe only a song, as I say, it depends of my moods. But it’s clear that are some kind of music that I doesn’t want in my life.